Every new year gives us an opportunity to recalibrate our trajectory and fine tune our efforts to advance the kingdom of God. Mid- course corrections allow for modifications that more accurately reflect current conditions we did not anticipate at the beginning of the journey. The greater the distance traveled, the more important such corrections are to a successful and timely arrival at our destination.

The same concept holds true in our Christian journey. It is important for us to take stock of where we are and where we are going to be certain that our present actions and decisions are taking us closer to our desired destination. The New Year season is an excellent opportunity to take inventory of our lives and our efforts for the Kingdom, both corporately and individually.

Just as a corporation is expected to produce an annual financial statement that provides a snapshot of the condition of the corporation’s activity over the past twelve months, so it is incumbent upon every child of God to use the beginning of a new year to evaluate whether the past twelve months have produced spiritual health and growth that reflect progress toward predetermined goals. If for some reason I am no closer to my goals than I was last year, January is a great time to take corrective action so that next year, I will be closer to my preferred position.

We will only know what the Spirit is saying to us individually and collectively as we fast, pray, and seek His face for His will to be accomplished through us in 2019. January is an excellent time for all of us to make the necessary mid-course corrections that our destiny and our destination require. We mustgive ourselves to times of focused prayer and fasting so the Holy Ghost can speak expressly to us about God’s perfect will for Ohio this year.

If the Holy Ghost could speak to the church in Antioch while they were praying and ministering to the Lord, “Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them” (Acts 13:2), I believe the Holy Ghost will speak to the church in Ohio during our times of prayer and fasting this month. When He speaks, we must not delay to hear and obey His voice.

This past year, despite the devastating loss of our beloved Bishop Norman R. Paslay II., the Ohio District rallied to advance the cause of the Kingdom through the vision he had cast for us. Though our strength was tested, we maintained our course. Sheaves For Christ, Save Our Children, Global Missions, and Mothers Memorial all set new giving records. 

We launched new ministries, started new churches, and expanded our footprint. A clear vision allows us to adjust for unexpected storms.

What should 2019 look like for the 125 churches, 294 licensed ministers, and all theprecious saints of God who comprise the United Pentecostal Church in Ohio? What is The Spirit saying to the churches in Ohio?

God does speak to us clearly through His Word, and one of the consistent words that was given to the New Testament church was “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). Several months ago when I was in prayer, the Lord impressed me very clearly that His word to the Ohio District in 2019 is “Go ye.”

Ohio, this is our “Go ye” year. “Go ye” to your family members who do not know the Lord. “Go ye” to your friends and neighbors who need salvation. “Go ye” into public schools where teachers and administrators are frustrated with the breakdown of morality, integrity, and culture.

To our pastors and church leaders, the Lord is saying, “Go ye” to a neighboring community for organized Bible studies, to start a preaching point, or establish a daughter work. Pastors in several areas of Ohio report that the Spirit is saying “Reach out,” “Expand your borders,” “Take new territory,” “Mend your nets,” “Lift up your eyes to unreached fields.”

My 2019 vision for Ohio is for us to strengthen existing churches so they will be able to break beyond the boundaries that have seemed impossible. I believe this will result in new churches and ministries as well as stronger revival churches throughout our district. I have a vision for stronger bonds of love, cooperation, and fellowship between ministers and pastors that will loose unity throughout Ohio like David saw in Psalm 133. I have a vision that Camp Meeting 2019 will break out in a district-wide revival that will see every church in Ohio have at least one person filled with the Holy Ghost on July 14, the Sunday after Camp Meeting.

In Jesus’ name, 2019 will be a great year of strengthening churches, expanding borders, reaping the harvest, and prevailing unity in the churches of the Ohio District!«