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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

One month ago, we stood staring at a painting of a bleeding, dying man on the roadside. Jesus painted a priest walking toward him, but he walked right past him. He even walked to the other side of the road so he wouldn’t be anywhere near a dying man. But there was...

PayOff Time

We can all agree that being completely debt-free is a worthy goal. For those of you who have achieved such revered status, congratulations on a job well done! The rest of us are doing our best to catch up. Many people find themselves in debt and worse than that,...

You’re A Good Man Franz Stigler

There’s the comic book character with the adorable pet pup, and there’s this Charlie Brown. This Charlie Brown was a rookie U.S.fighter pilot in World War II. On his first mission, he flew just above a German anti-air station into a buzz saw of enemy fire. On the...

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